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"Who has the name Vinícius are usually destemy and creative, standing out in their midst, with an originality admired by all."

This is Vinícius Surian! Talent does not lack you! Dare, even less! 

          With eight years old, Vinícius Surian was on the stage of the Municipal Theater of São Paulo: he was one of the chosen ones to participate in the choir at Bizet Carmen Opera under the regency of Isaac Karabtchevsky. Talent!

          Two years later, to follow a musical career he decided to learn guitar. He was one of the students of the master Ge, on the extinct school of music Metamorfose. He didn't need a lot of time to starts to play in bands not only like guitarist but also bassist, and "violeiro" in a variety styles like a rock, reggae, soul, jazz, sertanejo and forró. Boldness!           

          Nowadays, at the age of 35, he is graduated from the renowned music school EM&T (School of Music and Technology) at the Institute of Guitar and Technology, specialized in Fusion and also Carlos Gomes University like a Music Teacher, he studied with great names of Brazilan Guitar such as Mozart Mello, Marcio Okayama, Eduardo Gudin, Christian MacCharty and Claudio Weizman.

          Vinicius Surian is constantly invited to play together artists such as Kelly Maria, Norma Nascimento, Adriana Guedes, Le Guedes, Digué Pinheiro, Luque Barros, Thiago K, Iara Hilpert, Luz Lima, Pronúncia no Olhar, Leone da Gaita, Aloysio Letra, Jogral Jazz Band, Bloop, Hugo Marques...... The talent, creativity and the boldness led him to another beautiful profession linked to music: luthier of strings instruments.

           He also has teached at the TRAD SOM music school (São Matheus - São Paulo/BR), the Musical In Concert (São Miguel Paulista - São Paulo), CIAM (Vl. Carrão - São Paulo/BR), Seu Batuta ( Penha - São Paulo/BR) and CEU Blue of the color of the sea (Itaquera - São Paulo/BR ).


Acctualy lives at Milan - Italy where he is a solo artist, is a member of the Trio da Tica, and owner of the Surian Studio where he also acts as a Music Producer.

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